Strange, awkward, hysterical and, eerily uncomfortable at times as it lands in the uncanny valley, being a puppet show. Blark and son is a gem that deserves a chance and more awareness.

Adult Swim and Comedy channel is arguably two of the few networks that knows how to stand out as well as connect with my generation (being a millennial).

They hit the spot with an absurdist, aesthetically original and sometimes quite edgy.

A politically challenging satire but far from alienating viewers based on political affiliation; It isn’t a loaded subtle commentary in that regard.

That being said the show has something the world needs more of. It is different. Very different and at times the puppets (amazingly crafted) gives you a disturbing feeling, precisely because of the aforementioned uncanny valley phenomenon. Thus it’s easy to pass up on what has the potential to be a modern classic.

Legendary shows like South Park stands alone and any show still airing that accomplish the task of entertaining without depending on constantly breaking the fourth wall (Like Rick and Morty do with utter excess, and I’m a huge fan) are few, lately a lot of shows has taken inspiration from Family Guy and Rick and Morty, not always a good thing.

If you liked the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Archer you’relikely to appreciate a few Easter-egg cameos, references and even though this show is a cultural commentary it is less dependent on when and where the show takes place, this could’ve been done 10 years ago or 10 years from now and it’s likely you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. In a sense it’s timeless.

It’s far from cheap or imitative despite being derivative of traditional American sitcom style, feel and structure. You almost expect a laugh-track but thankfully there is none.

Season one is available on YouTube (of all places), a rare occurrence these days and I recommend it!

Blark & Son season one:

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